Classical Masters

This collection includes a selection of etchings by Giovanni Battista Piranesi and Luigi Rossini, two of the most renown practitioners of neoclassical etching. The collection includes many representations of Roman architecture at its peak and transports the viewer back to an age keynoted by decorative detail.

Piranesi (1720 - 1778) was one of the first architects to realize that imaginative renderings of past masterpieces could indeed enhance and preserve classical achievements.

Rossini (1790 - 1857), inspired by Piranesi, abandoned his architectural career and produced over 1000 plates that commemorate the strength and beauty of Roman masonry. In his works, the arches, bridges and temples come alive in unexpected ways.

Viewing the works of these two masters in juxtaposition, allows the viewer to appreciate the uniqueness of each man's work. While both created etchings of well known monuments, the works of each artist reflect his own aesthetic perspective.