Amish Barnyard Animals

Barn raisings...a horse and buggy riding through green fertile fields... men wearing identical plain black suits and wide brimmed hats... these are some of the images that come to mind when we think of the Amish. But who are the Amish and how does their society co-exist today with modern life?

In an effort to reach wider audiences, we have produced a scaled-down version of our larger Amish exhibition. This exhibition covers some of the themes of the larger show, but is a small exhibition format that is especially suitable for children, is lightweight, easy to install, and is suitable for low security areas such as community centers, children's museums and malls. This captivating exhibition includes approximately 60 large-format color photographs--some nearly life-size --images of Amish barnyard animals, barns, and their children--and offers rich opportunities for educational projects for children and families, and community involvement.

The exhibition focuses on three important aspect of Amish society: the traditional Amish barn, the complex and mutually supportive relationship between the Amish and their animals, and Amish children.

The Amish barn is an essential component of their society. They are constructed and decorated using traditional methods that have been passed down through generations. The most important occasions and ceremonies often take place in the barn --weddings, funerals, and family gatherings--and barn raisings are a social event, and an opportunity to meet with friends.

A particularly fascinating aspect of Amish society is the high priority they placed on caring for and maintaining farm animals. The presence of animals in Amish society is pervasive--they are used in every facet of their lives...for transportation, for farming, for food, to help with heavy labor, and as companions. They are an important component of Amish society, and without them they could not continue their traditional way of life.

These photographs --sometimes thoughtful, sometimes whimsical, but always fascinating --give an inside view of the world of Amish children and animals. Some of the photographers featured include Doyle Yoder, Lesie A. Kelly, Lucian Niemeyer, Richard K. Reinhold and other well-known photographers. Blair-Murrah will work with you to develop related educational programs--this exhibition provides abundant opportunities for community and family projects. Books and publications are available fore resale. Lectures by recognized authorities--either for single topics or a series--will also be available.